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We all know what it’s like when we look in our rearview mirror and see the flashing lights. For a moment we may be scared, nervous, or even upset when we get a traffic ticket. Obviously, there are several ways in which we can break traffic laws, including driving at excessive speeds, running a red light, or making a partial stop at a stop sign.

No matter what the offense, however, you may wish to speak with an attorney to ensure you do not tarnish your driving record or experience a sudden increase in your insurance premiums. If you would like to speak with a Moore County traffic lawyer, you can contact Kelly & West. Our lawyers have the knowledge and skill to help you.

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Wilkie T. – Personal Injury

“I had an accident down in Rocky Mount. I got hurt. But the company I worked for they wouldn’t help. I went and talked with Mr. West and he done wonders with it. He stayed in touch, he let me know everything he was going to do, and I appreciated that. I was never behind on anything. He called and let me know every move he made. That was wonderful for me. If anybody really needs help, he’s the man the go with.”