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4 Reasons You Need a Will

Photo by Ken Mayer / CC BY 2.0

Photo by Ken Mayer / CC BY 2.0

We maintain a variety records in our day-to-day lives. We keep receipts, collect statements, and even post on social media. These records mostly detail what we have done or are currently doing, but we also need to think ahead. Wills are forward-thinking records that will make life easier on your loved ones after you are gone. If you don’t lay out your wishes before you pass, it will be up the state of North Carolina to decide what to do next. Here are the top reasons for having a Will drafted now:

1. You get to decide who will handle your affairs. Defining who will do what is key to ensuring that your estate is handled the way you want. You can’t predict what disagreements and feelings may come up between the surviving members of your family so it’s best to lay it out ahead of time.

2. Limit questions about your mental capacity. Don’t wait until things start to go south. Have your Will drafted while you’re healthy and able to handle your own personal business. It’s less likely that anyone will be able to successfully challenge your Will if you have it completed while you are evidently competent.

3. You can make modifications later if you change your mind or your circumstances are altered. It’s better to have a Will in place and have codicils drafted later to amend sections than to have nothing at all. You can also opt to have a new Will drafted later if you need a complete overhaul. Just don’t delay for years waiting for life transformations to happen.

4. To make sure you cover your bases. You might think that telling your family how you want your affairs to be handled is all that you have to do, but don’t dismiss the benefit of having a competent attorney’s guidance. Your attorney will know more about how to ensure your Will addresses your needs and that it will hold up in court.

Our attorneys have the experience to help you prepare your Will and other estate planning documents. Contact us today to get started!

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