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Examples of When You Need A Good Real Estate Lawyer

February 27, 2020 house figurine and keys

Buying real estate is often one of the biggest investments you will make, and usually a fun and exciting one. Obviously, you want the process to go smoothly and hiring a good real estate agent helps to do just that.

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Should You Sue After Falling, Slipping, or Tripping?

February 13, 2020 caution sign on floor - slipping, tripping accident

After tripping, falling, or slipping, many people automatically question whether or not they should file a lawsuit. In some cases, you realize you probably needed to be watching your step. But in other situations, something caused you to fall that was out of your control.  

Here are some things to keep in mind after a fall, slip, or trip to determine whether or not you should file a lawsuit to get help with your medical expenses.

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Your Top Questions About Hiring a Lawyer

January 24, 2020 man signing papers

Hiring a lawyer may feel intimidating. Whether you’ve been in an accident or need to create a Will, most people have to hire a lawyer at some point. As you look for one, you’ll have questions. 

We have compiled a list of your top questions about hiring a lawyer to make it as smooth as possible.

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Merry Christmas from Kelly & West

December 23, 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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5 Legal-Related Items to Organize in the New Year

January 14, 2020 2020, new year, organize

5 legal related-items to organize in the new year include updating your will, updating your passwords, update your list of assets, get a safe deposit box for your vital documents and check your insurance coverage. If you’re not sure about one of these items, or you need help updating your Will or other legal documents, contact us today.

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid if You’re in an Accident

November 13, 2019

If you’re in an accident, bitten by a dog, slip and fall at the store, or get hurt in some other way, that’s what lawyers call a personal injury. After this happens, your first thought is (of course), “Am I OK?” After all, you’re hurt, and you may even need medical attention.

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K&W Celebrates 37 Years in October

October 21, 2019

When Reggie Kelly and Thomas West opened their Lillington law practice in 1982, neither guessed they’d be in business so long.  We love helping people get through tricky situations, and we’re flattered to have been in business this long. It means we’re doing something right. This year we’ve seen some growth in our staff. Thank […]

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The Complicated Process of Estate Administration

October 8, 2019

Most people assume someone’s belongings go directly to the family without any hiccups; however, probate — or the process of transferring legal ownership — can be challenging.

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What to Know about Truck Accidents

September 25, 2019

Semi-truck accidents, or accidents involved an 18-wheeler, are more common than you might guess. After all, millions of trucks drive our highways and Interstates each day, hauling food and goods across the country, including through North Carolina. 

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Your Legal Needs Through the Years

September 9, 2019

Hiring a lawyer isn’t something most people do every day, so the process can feel intimidating. Often people think they may not need a lawyer at all, unless they are hurt in an accident. But there are plenty of times in life when it’s useful to turn to an attorney for guidance.

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