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Look for These Five Traits When Choosing a Lawyer

Whether it’s a minor traffic violation, real estate transaction, a will, or something more serious, there will likely be a time in your life when you will need to hire a lawyer. Having a great lawyer on your side is crucial to your case because they will be the ones primarily talking to the judge and persuading him or her to favor your side of the case as much as possible. Here are some qualities you should look for in a lawyer to best represent your case:

Strong Speaker

Your lawyer’s main objective is to communicate your case to the judge, jury, and your opposition clearly and favorably. To do this, he or she must communicate with you before the hearing to get the most relevant information about your case and the possible approaches to use, and how much will be required of you in the hearing. Lawyers must know how to articulate well and become comfortable talking in a hearing to prevent the court from believing there are any lapses or inconsistencies in your case.

Great Listener

A great speaker can only be so great if they don’t know how to listen well. Communication is “the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions or information.” To speak well, your lawyer must know exactly what to communicate. Good listening helps your lawyer understand your side of the case that he represents, answer any question the judge might have during a hearing, and possibly find faults in your opposition that could strengthen your case. When you’re interviewing lawyers for representation, there are a few indicators you can watch for: the attorney is responding and engaging with you during your conversation, they aren’t lost in their notes or distracted by their phone, and they are asking probing questions to get more information.

Relevant Experience

Because legal issues cover almost any subject where two or more parties exist, some lawyers might not be versed in your certain situation and may not be very helpful to you. Research to see if the lawyer you are considering has covered cases in the past that are similar to yours because their experience could greatly help you as they enter a familiar field with you and will relate to your case more. Like with any business, read reviews from past clients or rely on recommendations from people you trust when seeking a lawyer.

Good Judgement

It is very likely that your case will have something unexpected come up no matter how much you and your lawyer prepared. Court dates are moved, new evidence is found, and other instabilities happen all the time in the justice system. It is times like these that you should trust your lawyer to have good judgment on what to do when long-term preparation is no longer an option. Your lawyer might even change their approach entirely in a very short period of time and very little preparation when circumstances change.


The legal process can take a considerable amount of time to run its course; you want a lawyer that will represent you to the best of their abilities every step of the way. Depending on the severity, you and your lawyer might have to create an elaborate case for your side. Such circumstances require both you and the lawyer to be extremely dedicated to building the best case you can. Your lawyer should work to get as much information as possible to form a strong case for his or her client: you.

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