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Dear New Dad: Time to Set Up Your Will

Happy Father’s Day this month to dads old and new! If you’re a new dad in North Carolina, you may not have a Will set up. Why would you? For most people in their 20s or early 30s, a Will seems unnecessary. If you’re single or don’t own property, you might not think you need to put in place any legal processes. new dad with infant baby why you need a Will Kelly & West attorneys

Once you become a parent, “create a Will” should definitely go on your to-do list! Here’s why:

Why New Parents Should Set Up a Will

  • By setting up a Will, you get to decide who gets your money and possessions. You may not have much, but what you have you probably want to be given to your spouse and/or child.
  • Without a Will, your assets may be left hanging for a year or more while the process works itself out in the court.
  • Meanwhile, your bank accounts, assets, and family information are listed in the public record.
  • If you don’t have a Will, a member of your family will have to figure all this out without you. He or she may not direct your assets as you would wish.
  • As you create a Will, you can also determine who will care for your child if you die before he/she turns 18.
  • While you could handwrite a Will, there’s no guarantee someone will find it and submit it to court, and it could be lost or destroyed over the years and may not even be a valid Will.
  • Setting up a Will does not take long, and it’s often not expensive.

Questions about creating a Will in North Carolina? Read more. Or contact us to get started on creating a Will in Harnett County.

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The Kelly and West team have been helping people set up Wills, Trusts, and Living Wills for decades. We’ve compiled a lot of helpful information on this topic. Here are some of those resources:

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