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Defective Products

Defective Products

A lot of people have heard of exploding cell phones and problems with car airbags. While most product defects do not make their appearance quite so dramatically, defective or dangerous consumer products are the cause of thousands of injuries every year.

Products liability, the legal rules concerning who is responsible for defective or dangerous products, is slightly different from ordinary injury liability law. This set of rules sometimes makes it easier for an injured person to recover damages. Ordinarily, in order to hold another person liable for injuries you sustain, you must show that the other person was careless, that is negligent, and that that person’s negligence caused your injuries.

However, concerning products sold to the general public, it is not necessary to show negligence nor to prove causation. Instead, the law provides the concept of strict liability. Strict liability allows an injured consumer to recover without having to prove that the manufacturer was careless or negligent in making a particular product. The injured consumer also does not have to prove whether it was the maker or the seller who was a fault or whether the seller or manufacturer lacked a system for checking each product. Rather, strict liability allows a consumer to recover for an injury due to a product defect without the consumer having to be responsible for checking each product before using it to see if the product is dangerous. However, there are exceptions to checking a product, such as with obviously hazardous products such as a chainsaw or a drain cleaner with a warning on it, for example.

Seeking Legal Assistance

If you have been injured by a defective product, you should get the assistance of an attorney familiar with product liability law. A competent attorney can investigate your case and provide you with the support you need to protect your claim for damages.

If you would like to talk with an experienced and caring attorney about an injury due to a defective product, please contact our Raleigh Defective Product Lawyer.

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Oliver and Sherrie M. – Car Accident

“We were hit head-on by someone who run a red light. I got bruised up real bad inside and I had just had shoulder surgery and it inflamed that. My wife was hurt the worst. It disfigured her right arm. We were referred to Mr. West through our son-in-law so we went up and set an appointment with him. We went in and met him for the first time and he is a very nice gentleman to say the least. He took over the case and found out who the [driver] was. It had totaled the car and I had just gotten it paid off. They didn’t even get hurt. Mr. West took the case and went way out of his way to help. The lady who hit us … they had only the cheapest insurance to get the car on the road … so he helped us get more money to help us pay the bills. We are very happy with how it turned out. Kelly and West, they’re good people. You can talk to them and they’re down home people.”