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Examples of When You Need A Good Real Estate Lawyer

Buying real estate is often one of the biggest investments you will make, and usually a fun and exciting one. Obviously, you want the process to go smoothly. house figurine and keys

You probably know that hiring a good real estate agent is important, but it’s easy to have your real estate agent recommend someone with whom they often work. While that might be OK, you might also consider searching out your own real estate lawyer, someone you trust, because it’s such a monumental purchase for you. 

Some states even require a real estate lawyer during the closing on your purchase, but if they do not, you should consider hiring one. In North Carolina, your home purchase is required to be processed by a law firm. 

What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do? 

A real estate lawyer is in charge of preparing all of the legal documents and ensuring that you have done your part as the buyer. They also work with zoning, estate planning, titles and more. If you are dealing with a foreclosure or other issue, a real estate lawyer needs to be involved with that. 

You may think that when buying your house — if it has no title issues or other problems — a real estate lawyer isn’t as critical. But here are some specific examples of when they come in handy!  


Anyone who has bought a house knows the amount of paperwork that comes with it! Most of this paperwork contains a lot of legal jargon. A real estate lawyer is there to help you through the legal terms and explain the contracts in plain language. You want to ensure that your real estate lawyer is knowledgeable in this area to confirm that you fully understand the documents you are signing. 

Although going through contracts can seem tedious, you will be thankful that you went through them if a problem was to arise in the future. 

Property Deeds 

There are many different types of deeds, but essentially, all deeds transfer the ownership of a property from one owner to another. During this transfer, deeds need to be notarized and submitted to the county’s Register of Deeds office. 

A good real estate lawyer helps you through this process, making sure that every step is completed. If any difficulties were to arise, the lawyer will step in and be able to handle the situation with your best interests in mind. 

Title Searches  

Title searches are very important when it comes to buying a new property. They are the process of sifting through records and determining who the owner is, as well as any possible claims against the property. Searches can even involve discovering the historical documents connected to a property. Having a good real estate lawyer to search for these records is important because as a potential purchaser, you should have all of the available information before you may make your final decision. 

At Kelly & West, our real estate lawyers will make sure that your rights as a home buyer or home seller are protected while ensuring all necessary legal documents are in order. 

We hope this gives you a better idea of when you need a good real estate lawyer, whether you are dealing with closings, property deeds or title searches. Remember, it is best to be informed before making an important decision such as purchasing a property. 

Contact us today if you have more questions about your next home or property purchase.

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