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Is Now a Good Time to Sell Your Home? What to Know About Home Sales During COVID

You might be wondering if now is a good time to sell your home. COVID-19 is changing the way we communicate and conduct business, and real estate is no exception.

Virtual house showings and online video meetings are the new norms, and you may be wondering if it’ll help or hurt you as you put your house on the market. Selling your home can happen fast, so it is essential to know the obstacles you’ll face.

The Housing Market

This area has long been in demand, and COVID-19 hasn’t changed that. Not many people are selling in our part of North Carolina right now, but people are still buying. That means now is a great time to sell, because the lower supply has led to increased prices. Sellers are often receiving multiple offers within a day or two of posting their house. However, if you’re also

trying to find a new home in the area, you might struggle.

What You Can Expect When Selling

Social distancing has given us more virtual meetings, and house showings have transitioned from in-person to Zoom and FaceTime. Online showings might sound like a hurdle, but this approach isn’t necessarily a bad one. Virtual showings can be a real time-saver for both the buyer and the seller. You’ll gauge who is serious about buying the home before they step foot inside. This way, only serious buyers will need an in-person showing.

However, you’ll want to prepare your real estate agent with as much information as possible. Buyers won’t fully appreciate certain aspects of the home that they otherwise would in person. Be sure that your Real Estate Agent is thorough in describing details. Inform them of any hidden features of the house an online viewer wouldn’t immediately notice. Fully describing the home’s assets will encourage a potential buyer.

Potential buyers will almost always want to see the home in person before making an official offer. Although you can offer virtual tours, your home should always be ready for viewing.

Homeowners who are living in the house can require people to wear masks during showings. It’s a good idea to have cleaning supplies ready; when you return, you can wipe down the doorknobs and any surfaces people are likely to touch when looking through a house.

The Closing

Eventually, selling a house requires in-person contact. Under typical circumstances, the seller and buyer are present for the closing, although not in the same room. While some closings are now occurring virtually, a lot of documents require a “wet signature” — meaning one you sign in ink in front of witnesses. Almost all of the buyer’s lender documents requ

keys in a door to a home

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ire a “wet signature” and many have to be notarized. Your lender will inform you which items need a wet signature and which can be scanned or signed electronically. These days, it’s best to be prepared to sign documents both ways.

We recommend your Real Estate Attorney is present for both in-person and virtual meetings; his or her job is to be your advocate and make sure you know what you are signing.

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Selling your home isn’t an easy process, and a global pandemic only adds to the challenge. We are here to make it easier for you.

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