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Motorcycle and Car Accidents: How Are They Different?

All drivers on the road, whether on a motorcycle or in a car, are required to follow the same traffic laws. However, the legal outcomes of an accident can differ depending on the vehicle.

If you were in a motorcycle accident, you may think that your case would be handled the same way as if it were a car, but there are significant differences that mean you may deserve more than what you think. For example, the driver of the car may be at least partially liable because cars have more safety advantages over riding motorcycle

Here are other differences between motorcycle accidents and car accidents that many jurors and insurance agents will not know. A good motorcycle accident attorney will help educate and advocate for you.

  • Many people who do not own or ride motorcycles may perceive those who do as daredevils or dangerous. An experienced attorney will inform the jury of your actions, as a rider, to take precautions and drive safely.
  • An attorney can also educate the jury about actions you took during an accident that may look wrong to a car driver, such as laying the motorcycle down.
  • Motorcycles are more difficult to see because they are significantly smaller than a car. Because of this, a driver of a car may not see a motorcyclist when turning or merging into another lane.
  • There are hazards on the road that are more dangerous for motorcyclists. For example, potholes, slick roads, and debris can mean life or death for someone on a motorcycle, but may not have as much effect in a car.
  • Fender benders are common among car accidents, but even a “tap” can seriously injure a motorcyclist if hit from behind. In fact, cars take longer to stop than motorcycles do, so if someone is driving too close to the back of a motorcyclist, then that could mean negligence on the car driver’s part.
  • There are fewer safety precautions for a motorcycle than cars. Because of this, injuries from a motorcycle accident can be more serious, take longer to heal and keep you out of work longer than a car accident. Read these safety tips to cover how you can stay safe on the road.

Having an attorney familiar with laws regarding motorcycle accidents means that you can rely on someone that is familiar with what applies and how these accidents are different from car accidents.

Our firm has more than 35 years of experience. If you were in a motorcycle accident, contact us. We can help you understand your options and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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