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Motorcycle Injury: Important Tips To Follow If It Happens To You

The sun is bright, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and you’re hopping on your motorcycle. There is no better feeling than the new spring air rolling across your face as you cruise down the road. If you have a motorcycle, then it is no surprise that having a bike can be a lot of fun. This is true, but a harsh reality lies behind biking, concerning your personal safety and legal rights.

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Personal injury cases involving motorcycles need to have special attention. Unfortunately, juries tend to have a bias against motorcyclists.The defensive lawyer may try to say that you were:

  • Not wearing proper clothing
  • Speeding
  • Riding in the wrong part of the lane
  • Being reckless

It is important to recognize who was at fault in the accident. You may be liable under “contributory negligence” if you contributed in the accident in anyway. In this case, insurance companies will not want to compensate you for your injuries. Your case can turn messy, so it is always a good idea to have someone fighting for you.

Having a personal injury attorney experienced in motorcycle accidents can help you win your case. The defense will constantly shift blame towards you as a motorcyclist. Car and truck drivers receive sympathy because motorcycles are small in comparison to more common, larger vehicles.

And of course, be safe:

  • Always wear a helmet and proper safety gear. The reality is that riders without a helmet are 40% more likely to have a fatal head injury due to an accident. Eye wear, gloves,  padded clothing, long pants, and ankle-covering shoes are essential. These materials will help protect you from wind, debris, and injury. Wearing bright colors will also help you to be more noticeable to cars and trucks.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings on the road. You have to be a defensive driver. At a time of excessive GPS, mp3, and phone use: car and truck drivers have a tendency to keep their eyes OFF the road. It is more important than ever for bikers to always check his/her surroundings for traffic.
  • Know your vehicle. Do a general walk-around before riding your motorcycle. Check your brakes, tires, chains, and belts. Catching a problem before you ride could save your life.

Motorcycle accidents call for special considerations; protect your rights and make sure you are compensated for your injuries. We hope you have an enjoyable riding season!

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