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What You Need to Know about License Suspension and Revocation

Imagine not being able to drive to get around. Driving is something most of us take for granted. However, North Carolina recognizes driving as a privilege, not a right. “If you abuse it, you may lose it,” as the DMV says.

Losing your license can be a result of one or of multiple offenses, some not even traffic related. You may lose your driving privileges in one of two ways: having your license suspended or revoked. The types of offenses that may result in one are similar, but license revocation is the result of more serious offenses or repeated violations.

License Suspension vs. Revocation

A suspension means that your driving privileges have been temporarily halted for a specific period of time. Your license may be reinstated after fulfilling all terms of your suspension and then you can apply for a new one. Having your license revoked means that your driving privileges have been terminated and will not be reinstated until you pass all tests and complete any other requirements. You may apply for another license after a certain period, but the state may deny your application for a number of reasons.

Traffic Offenseslicense revocation

The following is an incomplete list of traffic violations resulting in license suspension or revocation:

  1. Driving after consuming alcohol under age 21
  2. Speeding over 15 mph over if speed limit is 55 mph or more
  3. Two convictions of speeding in excess of 55 mph in one year
  4. Speeding more than 55 mph and reckless driving
  5. Manslaughter by motor vehicle
  6. Assault by motor vehicle
  7. Conviction of a moving violation while license is revoked
  8. Refusal to submit to blood/breath test
  9. Aid and abet DWI or DWLR
  10. Two traffic citations within one year for a provisional license
  11. Three or more moving violations within one year
  12. Accumulation of traffic points
  13. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  14. Driving with a suspended license
  15. Use of altered/false license plates
  16. Speeding to elude
  17. Hit and run
  18. Street racing and speeding
  19. Failure to appear or pay court fees

Non-Traffic Offenses

It is important to note that you may have you license revoked due to non-traffic related offenses as well. Having your license revoked due to a non-traffic offense is often up to the judge’s discretion. The following are common violations that may lead to a license suspension or revocation:

  1. Non-DUI alcohol or drug related offenses
  2. Not paying automobile insurance
  3. Failure to appear or pay court fees
  4. Failure to pay child support
  5. Dropping out of high school
  6. Medically or mentally unfit to drive
  7. Second conviction of possession of open container

How To Get Your License Back

license revocation

License revocation and suspension may be settled with or without a hearing. If you have a hearing, and you are granted the ability to reinstate your license, you will have to follow certain terms and conditions. Not all violations require a hearing. If you don’t have to go to court, or your hearing didn’t go in your favor, you may be allowed to apply for another license after your suspension time period is over. The state will decide if you are eligible to receive your license once again.

Once you have completed all requirements and your suspension time has ended, you will be eligible to apply for another license. Make sure you have all of the required documents, including proof of identity and insurance. You will also have multiple fees to pay including restoration and service fees, as well as DWI reinstatement fees, if applicable. These payments are separate from DMV and court costs, and the expense of purchasing a new license.

Do you need help with your license suspension or revocation? Contact the attorneys at Kelly & West so we can answer your questions.

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