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Nursing Home Guidelines for Care: Is it Negligence?

Nursing homes are hitting the news this year, including a case of abuse here in Lillington. As people read about this and as our population ages, more people are asking about long-term care facilities. According to the CDC, more than 4 million Americans are admitted to or reside in nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities each year. Nearly one million people live in assisted living facilities.

Questions often lead to more questions: after all, what is a nursing home compared to another type of facility? We’ve talked about the signs of nursing home abuse and also what you can do about it. But if you’re caring for your parents or loved ones, you should also know more about the laws for nursing homes versus other types of care facilities.

What is a Nursing Home?

There are many types of long-term care facilities. Here are some definitions, according to the National Institutes of Health.

● Board and Care Homes – Also called residential care facilities or group homes, these are small private facilities. Most have 20 or fewer residents, who receive personal care and meals, but no medical or nursing care.
● Assisted Living – This type of home is for those who need a bit more help, but not full care. Many offer different levels of care. Residents here usually live in their own apartments or rooms. Assisted living homes offer meals, assistance with personal care, help with medications, housekeeping, and laundry. They also offer supervision and social and recreational activities.
● Nursing Homes – A nursing home or skilled nursing facility provides a broad range of health and care services, with a strong focus on medical care. They may also offer physical or occupational rehabilitation or speech therapy. Some people live in a nursing home for a time after a hospitalization, getting extra care, but then go home. Other residents are permanent, requiring daily help and supervision.
● Continuing Care Retirement Communities – You might hear these called life care communities. These homes are a type of assisted living, with independent apartments for most residents, social activities, and some help when needed. Most CCRCs have a nursing home on site for those who need to move later in life.

Nursing Home Care

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Some Nursing Home Guidelines

One thing to know about nursing homes, in particular, is that they are not allowed to discharge people except in limited circumstances. Nursing homes are also expected to maintain a standard of health care. Breaching these care guidelines can be considered negligence — something you can take legal action against if it occurs.

If you suspect abuse at a Lillington nursing home or Harnett County nursing home, contact us for help.

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