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Raleigh Deed Preparation Attorney

A deed is a document which conveys title or ownership to real property. There are several different types of deeds, one of the most common being the general warranty deed which guarantees that the seller owns clear title which can be conveyed to the buyer. Not all deeds have such a guarantee though. For example, a quitclaim deed is a deed which comes with no guarantees. Its purpose is to convey whatever interest the seller has if the seller in fact has any interest at all.

Experienced Raleigh Deed Preparation Attorney

If you are interested in buying or selling land, a home, or any real estate, you should contact an attorney. An experienced attorney can ensure that the deed is properly drafted to suit your needs and that it contains the necessary clauses to protect you as a seller. Furthermore, if you are buying a piece of property from another, an attorney may be able to help ensure that you are getting clear and marketable title to property and that the deed contains the necessary clauses to convey you such a title. Also, an attorney can handle closing for you to make certain that the necessary documents are signed and properly recorded and any insurance requested by you or required by the lender is obtained.

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