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by John Poole on Kelly & West Attorneys
Slip and fall

Slp and fall cases can be very difficult to win in North Carolina. Mr. West decided to take my case after consultation. He is an excellent lawyer and his staff is great also. I am very pleased with the outcome. I give a high reccomendation for Kelly and West!


I could not have found a better attorney to represent me! The experience and service of Kelly and West cannot be beat, extremely professional, honest and has the client’s best interests!When my incident happened I immediately took recommendations from my peers about what to do and to get an attorney was the first thing said. I looked around in the Lillington/Harnett county area and narrowed my choice to two. Both were very credible for years and reputation, and over the phone, they were honest about one another’s firm (which I was surprised to hear from them, I was not coerced into theirs over anyone else’s)I decided to go with Mr. Kelly as he had the most experience and seemed to have a very high reputation. When sitting down for initial consultation he was extremely thorough in his questions and knew all the answers to my questions. He was also honest in his evaluations, which I respected very much. I initially wanted to get everything done and over with but Mr. Kelly and Kristy were stern in me being patient, letting the case “diffuse over some time” and I can remember the words Kristy told me when I would call “relax, let us handle it from here, you got us to do the worrying for you and we will let you know when you are needed.” And I am glad I let them handle it and not let me rush it.When it was time for my appearance in court they let me know in advance what to expect and what to do during the call. I sat waited patiently for Mr. Kelly to appear, he did and we went over everything again and with his expertise decided to pursue the weak points in my case instead of helping me just get the lowest sentence and what I thought would be the biggest long shot in history he made possible! I could not believe the outcome of my case and was almost in disbelief. I am extremely satisfied with the services Kelly and West provide!I would go as to say it would be foolish not even consider them to represent you! If I ever find myself in need of an attorney again best believe my first call would be to Kelly and West.

by Tonya Davis on Kelly & West Attorneys

The experience with Mr. Thomas West and his Team was great. He truly cares about the client's well-being. His Team went above and beyond in making sure everything was handled professionally, and the outcome was excellent. Look to Kelly & West to provide your necessary needs. They will give you outstanding service!

by Melissa Douglas on Kelly & West Attorneys
DUI Case

My experience with Mr. Kelly and his team was excellent. The time and personal attention to my complicated and unique DUI case was beyond my expectations. Mr. Kelly and his team went "above and beyond" consistently over a two-year period, until my case was tried. The positive outcome of my case was unexpected and an absolute gift for me to be able to begin a new life. I am truly grateful for all of their hard work and for never giving up on me when I felt hopeless and in despair. I can not say enough about this firm and its people. I highly recommend Kelly & West Attorneys and will be forever grateful!

by Robbie and Jane O'Quinn on Kelly & West Attorneys
Five Star Worthy

We have required legal assistance related to home purchase, mortgage closing and land transaction a few times over the past 18 years and Reggie Kelly has provided exemplary service each time. He is professional and knowledgeable, but maintains that friendly demeanor that puts us at ease. Thank you for providing years of outstanding service to us and our community.

by B A Wilson on Kelly & West Attorneys
Closing on Home

The people in this office were extremely nice and professional. When a couple of little problems came up they corrected them quickly and I was able to close on the specified date. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience especially since I was doing this alone this time. I will recommend Kelly and West to my friends and family.

by Eloise Stinson on Kelly & West Attorneys
Review of Closing with Mr. Kelly

Mr. Kelly did such a wonderful job for us with our closing. He explained all the documents we had to sign. He made sure that all the documents truly applied to our mortgage situation. We were very pleased and would highly recommend him.

by Beverly Anderson on Kelly & West Attorneys
Estate Planning

My experience with Kelly & West Attorney Law Firm. Elizabeth, was professional, knowledgeable, and honest, as she addressed all questions and concerns regarding legal documents associated with my mothers Estate. I was informed of my options and alternatives to moving forward in the Estate process. I highly recommend Kelly & West Attorneys.

by Wayne Barbour on Kelly & West Attorneys

I was involved in a closing with Kelly and West as a Realtor. As always, Reggie and staff did an outstanding job. Professional and easy to deal with. I highly recommend them.Wayne

by Allen D Shields on Kelly & West Attorneys
Help following an auto accident

Thank you for your help during these trying times.

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What Our Clients

Have Said...

Personal injury is a fancy way of saying you got hurt — and it’s something someone else caused or could have prevented. Accidents happen every single day, but if you get hurt in one, you may feel concerned or worried about paying for your medical bills or time you missed from work. That’s why people may choose to file a personal injury claim, a way of seeking monetary benefits for an injury caused by another person or company. 

personal injury termsIn 2017 alone, Nationwide insurance company paid $18.7 billion in claims to its members. Here are the top personal injury claims that affect most people:

Car Accidents

Yearly, there is estimated to be more than 6 million vehicle-related accidents in the United States. While this number is only increasing, drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists are in danger. Distractions such as smartphones, navigation systems or car-related functions might be the reason. Regardless, if you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you may be eligible for compensation. Make it a priority always to always visit a doctor after an accident, even if you feel fine. There are many cases where victims did not suffer physical injuries but sustained many internal injuries.

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall claims are a common personal injury claim. A slip and fall can occur anywhere, at work, home, in a restaurant. Elderly people are more likely to sustain a severe injury after a fall. Damage to the hip, head, back, and neck are very common. It may be difficult to prove a slip and fall claim. Contacting a lawyer after a slip and fall incident is crucial.

Product Liability

There is an average of 20,000 product liability claims that are filed in the United States each year alone. Many cases of product liability claims are defective toys, dangerous pet products, unsafe medical devices. Product liability typically has one of the highest average compensation values.

Workplace-Related Injuries

Have you fallen on the job? Work-related injuries are very common and can happen to anyone. Work-related injuries are often unreported due to fear of termination, but that means someone else may get hurt later in the same way. If you have been injured at work, report it immediately and contact a lawyer.

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence is another very commontype of personal injury claim. Medical negligence occurs when a healthcare provider doesn’t meet an adequate level of standard care required for a patient. This malpractice causes injury or harm as a result. There are many ways to prove medical negligence has occurred. Some examples are, failing to tell a patient of known risks, failure to diagnose, doctors negligence caused the injury and improper treatment was administered. Medical negligence is among one of the hardest and complex claims to prove and win; it requires many witnesses that must be willing to testify. However, that shouldn’t scare you off if you feel something wasn’t right with your medical care.

If you have questions about a personal injury, contact us for a free consultation.