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Wrongful death is death caused by another person, whether their actions were intentional or negligent. This area of laws enables family members to file a lawsuit against the person or institution accused of committing the wrongful death.

A person suing for wrongful death may sue for:

• Medical, hospital, burial or funeral expenses
• Compensation for the dead person’s pain and suffering
• Losses suffered by the remaining spouse, children, or other family members.  These losses may include loss of financial support, loss of companionship, loss of parental guidance and loss of service

Under common law — laws passed on to us from England that eventually became part of our law — as it was originally conceived, there could be no claim of wrongful death, because the injured person had died, and therefore there was no one to whom an award could be made.

That changed over the years as the states passed wrongful death laws and the persons who suffered the loss of the victim, rather than the victim himself, could be compensated for their loss.  Each state has developed its own set of wrongful death laws.

What these laws all have in common is that:

• The death must be caused by the defendant
• The defendant must be negligent in the death of the victim or be liable in that death
• There are survivors to whom a financial award can be made
• Monetary damages can be paid as a result of the victim’s death

Wrongful Death Law in Sampson, NC

If you have suffered the wrongful death of someone you love, you have the right to recover damages from the person responsible for that death. Our Samson wrongful death lawyers have years of experience working with clients seeking wrongful death compensation. We are experts in this area of the law and treat our clients with understanding and compassion. We would be happy to have a free initial consultation with you to review the details of your situation. You may reach us at 910-893-8183.

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