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Strange North Carolina Laws That Will Have You Scratching Your Head

Many laws have been made throughout history in order to keep us safe. The intentions are usually good, but some make you wonder: Is this law really necessary? The strange thing about these written laws is that these acts must have been committed multiple times to prompt legislative action. Here are some of the North Carolina laws that leave us scratching our heads:Tsahi Levent-Levi

· In the state of North Carolina, it is illegal to serve alcohol during a game of bingo. Keeping their participants safe from injury is one of the key factors of this law being in place. But it’s hard to picture a bunch of bingo players getting out of control.

· Elephants may not be used to plow cotton fields in the state of North Carolina. The species is endangered and not indigenous to the area, so how on earth did this become an issue? Still, someone must have tried it, right?

· Southern Shores, NC: No rollerblading on any highway. Whomever believed that this mode of highway transportation was a good idea must not have been thinking right.

· Zebulon, NC: It is illegal to walk on top of the city water tank. Standing on top of the water tank probably offers an amazing view. We’re guessing plenty of teenagers gave it a try. But the dangers of climbing the city water tower are obvious, and so the law was passed.

· Kill Devil Hills, NC: It is illegal to ride your bike without using both hands. The expression, “Look Ma! No Hands!” has been a part of every childhood memory. This town in North Carolina doesn’t want to take the risk and has made the law in order to keep its bike riders safe.

· Dunn, NC: It is illegal to throw rocks in a city street. This makes sense, of course. We just wonder how many times it happened before someone decided it had to be a law.

· Dunn, NC: It is illegal to drive on sidewalks. Maybe someone drove a motorcycle on the sidewalk? It’s difficult to picture a large car barreling down the sidewalk in Dunn.

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