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What are Driver’s License Points & How Do I Avoid Them?

We’ve all been there. You’re cruising down the highway and suddenly the blue lights show up in your rearview mirror – uh-oh, a speeding ticket.

Depending on the charge, your first instinct may be to pay off the ticket and forget about it. However, did you know that hiring an attorney can actually save you money in the long run by saving your driving record? In many cases, having an experienced attorney defend you in court can minimize your charge and negotiate terms such as traffic school to prevent your record from racking up driver’s license points.

What are driver’s license points?
Driver’s license points are points added to your driving record by the North Carolina DMV to represent different driving offenses you have been convicted of. There are specific point values assigned to specific convictions. For example, speeding in excess of 55 mph will cost you 3 points, reckless driving is 4 points, and passing a stopped school bus is 5 points. For more information on points, see the North Carolina DMV Handbook.

Why are they harmful?
Accumulating 12 points within 3 years can result in a suspended license and other major consequences. After that 3 years if you get another 8 points added to your license you are at risk for suspension a second time. Even more importantly certain combinations of convictions, such as two convictions of exceeding 55 miles per hour in twelve months, will suspend your license. Also, one conviction of speeding over 55 miles per hour and more than 15 miles per hour over can suspend your license. So, not only do you need to be concerned about points but also these types of suspensions.

What do the attorneys at Kelly & West recommend?
If you’ve gotten a speeding ticket, call the experienced attorneys at Kelly & West for a free, no-obligation consultation about your ticket. With over 30 years of experience, Kelly & West can help you reach your desired outcome and fight to minimize the number of points added to your driving record.

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