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What to Do If You’re in a Motorcycle Accident in North Carolina

Warm weather is finally here; it’s the season to dust off your bike and ride through the town. You may hear people speaking about how dangerous and scary riding is and what could happen to you. As a rider, you know those risks. As one motorcycle riding teacher put it, “It’s not a question of if you’ll get into an accident, but when.” What you might not know is what comes next — what to do if you’re in a motorcycle accident. So let’s look at a few aspects of motorcycle accidents and what to expect.



First things first, you must have your motorcycle license to ride one in North Carolina. You should not and cannot drive without the proper tests. However, you can skip the DMV exam by taking this safety course.

Always be wary on the roads; do not get overconfident. Remember, cars are bigger than you. Practice, practice, practice! It’s beneficial to practice with passengers or a load on your motorcycle, but be knowledgeable on how to adjust accordingly. Before every ride, check the tire pressure, tread depth, brakes, headlights, signals, fluids, and for leaks. Inform the passenger on the proper way to ride. Most importantly, wear the appropriate safety gear.


How Accidents Occur

According to North Carolina’s DMV, 151 motorcyclists were killed and 3,162 motorcyclists were injured in accidents in 2016. These accidents typically result from speeding, distracted driving, alcohol, and lane departure. Many accidents happen when cars are making left hand turns; they do not see motorcyclists. Drivers are more frequently distracted due to phone use, so it’s crucial to stay cautious at all times.

Motorcycle accidents are different from car accidents in many ways, as we discussed in this blog post. One thing to note: in motorcycle crashes, the law of “negligence” applies. A driver is liable for injuring the biker if they are found to be negligent, or reckless, and if the rider is not negligent. A person in a car is often more likely to be liable for an accident for not seeing the biker, but in some cases, the biker may be found negligent. Careless driving, speeding, unnecessary passing, and swerving can all be the fault of the biker. If the biker is at fault for the accident, then it will normally prevent monetary recovery.


What to Do if You’re in a Motorcycle Accident

If you find yourself in a motorcycle accident and are injured, go to the hospital and get the necessary medical treatment and take photos of your injuries as soon as possible. It is best not to discuss how the accident occurred with the insurance adjuster. Contact us to see if you have a valid claim and to discuss what we can do to help you with your medical treatment and the handling of your injury claim.

If you find yourself in a motorcycle accident, contact Kelly & West for help.

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